1. A document to be translated may be sent by e-mail or you may bring it to the agency in person.
  2. You will receive information regarding the preliminary price valuation and lead time.
  3. Once the conditions are accepted, we send the document to one of our translators, who performs work within the given deadline.
  4. The ready translation is sent by us by-email, if it is a standard translation.
  5. If we prepare a sworn translation, it should be collected at the office. If the client has no possibility to visit us, we will send him/her a scan of the translation and the original is sent by mail or by courier to the address indicated.
  6. The fee for translation may be paid directly in the office or by transfer on the account.
  7. In the case of company orders we issue VAT invoices with a 7-14 days’ payment term.
  8. In the case of orders from natural persons, we issue payment confirmations and the payment must be effected before the start of order execution.
  9. If you order oral translation, you should order the translator in the given language about one week before the planned translation.
  10. Please state any and all information concerning the meeting, venue, date, time of execution and the language of the meeting as well as the number of its participants.
  11. The quoted prices pertain to “rough” translation, which must be edited and verified before publication.


  1. Any complaints must be lodged by the principal in writing within 7 days of the issue of the translation. After this deadline, complaints will not be considered.
  2. In the event Ars Longa admits a complaint, the Principal will be entitled to a discount for the delivered service, whilst the liability of Ars Longa is limited to 100% of net value of the translation.
  3. In the case of improper execution of the service, the Principal has the right to demand correction of the translation or demand lowering of the service value. Ars Longa may grant a discount to the Principal for improper translation execution up to the maximum level of 100% of the order value.
  4. Ars Longa is entitled to correct a translation that is questioned by the Principal within a deadline agreed by the parties which is appropriate for the volume of the translated text.
  5. In the case of further questioning of the service correctness, Ars Longa has the right to refer to a sworn translator from the list of sworn translators for verification.
  6. Any and all materials transferred to Ars Longa by the Principal for translation as well as any information obtained by the agency within the framework of order execution will be treated as confidential. The above-mentioned materials and information may be handed over only to translators and correctors working for Ars Longa to the extent necessary for proper service execution.
  7. Translation agency Ars Longa reserves the right to introduce periodical amendments to the present Terms and Conditions.