We prepare written translation:

  1. Standard translation (e-mail correspondence, motivation letters, translation of websites, general texts, specialized texts, other)
  2. Sworn Translation (car documents, invoices, medical documents, diplomas, attestations and certificates, other)
  3. Oral translation (consecutive, simultaneous, other)

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We prepare standard translation, written:

  • e-mail correspondence
  • motivational letters
  • translation of websites
  • general texts
  • specialized documents
  • leaflets
  • other

Standard translation entails all kinds of documents from all the areas, also medical and specialized texts. These texts are used for one’s own needs. Most often, these are diploma dissertations, draft agreements, financial statements. Standard translation entails also translation of all kinds of manuals and medical documentation. We prepare translation in the following formats: Word, Excel, Power Point and other.


We prepare sworn translation, written:

  • car documents
  • invoices
  • medical documents
  • diplomas certificates

Sworn translation entails all kinds of documents that we need to file with an Office, Court or other State Institutions.

Sworn translation is certified by a sworn translator and bears the sworn translator’s signature and seal on every translation page. It also contains the file number and the information whether the translation was made from an original document or its copy. Sworn translation is a descriptive translation, which means that apart from translation of the document contents it requires also description of all the information, seals, signatures, watermarks which can be found on the document. Every sworn translator is registered with the Ministry of Justice and their translation is of official nature. It is accepted both in Poland and abroad, in all Institutions.


Oral translation:

  • consecutive
  • simultaneous

Consecutive translation, i.e. whispered translation, is most often used in the case of business meetings with foreign business partners but also at the Public Registry Office at marriage conclusion. This type of translation is also used during meetings at the notary’s when a contract is signed as well as during a driving license exam. Simultaneous translation is performed simultaneously with the speaker’s utterance. It requires application of special equipment for transmission of the translation. With simultaneous translation, two translators participate in one language pair. This type of translation is applied in the case of international conferences and meetings attended by larger number of people.



Text verification:

Our agency performs also all kinds of verification of the already translated documents. In order to enable us to verify a document, the client must send us the original text and its translation in an editable format on which the translator will make changes and corrections. The changes are made in the change tracking option so that the client receives exact information what was corrected and how. We can also send you the final version ready for print. The cost of translation verification equals half of the translation cost.